April, a former preschool teacher turned pharmacy technician, recently embarked on an exciting new chapter in her life –purchasing her first home in Danube, Minnesota. Her mother, a fellow newcomer to the world of homeownership, served as both a guiding light and a source of inspiration throughout the process, having purchased her own first home just a few years before April did.  

Following a call to Danube, MN 

Like many renters, April and her mother grew weary of annual rent increases and the lack of permanence that came with leasing. Motivated by a desire to establish roots in their community, they set out on a mission to find homes they could truly call their own. For April, the allure of Danube had a special significance. Not only was it a place she cherished deeply, but it also offered proximity to her workplace and, most importantly, to her mother.  

“My mom just bought her first home a few years ago in Danube, which influenced me. Watching my mom purchase her home really sparked me to want to reach that milestone. We’re both very new to home ownership, we figure it out together,” April said. 

Finding a fast track with a first-time homebuyer grant 

April expressed her goal of homeownership with other family members, including her cousin, who told her about a grant in the county for first-time homebuyers. She did some research and learned that the grant could help pay for her down payment. Without much of a background in finance, April turned to Minnwest Bank Mortgage Banker Brianna Schwarzrock for help. “Brianna was definitely one of the most helpful people during my homebuying journey. I had so many questions and she walked me through every step. She gave me a step-by-step checklist to qualify for the grant and I literally crossed it off as I went,” April said. April secured a First-time Homebuyer Grant. These types of grants are available to help first-time homebuyers like April get into homeownership sooner by helping to cover the down payment and possibly closing costs. Financial literacy courses are required and income limits do apply. 

The importance of finding trusted support from a mortgage lender 

Reflecting on her journey, April offered sage advice to aspiring first-time homebuyers: “Ask questions, seek help and leverage available resources.” By arming herself with knowledge and leaning on the support of her family and lender Brianna Schwarzrock, April navigated the complexities of the housing market and financing a home. 

April’s story serves as a testament to the value of working with trusted advisors who can help navigate grant and down payment assistance programs as well as the transformative power of homeownership. April looks forward to countless memories and adventures that await her in her cozy corner of Danube, MN.  

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