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Streamline account management and potentially spend less on accounting services when you work with your agri-business account manager to hand-select cash management services suited to your agri-business.

Accept Payments & Deposit ChecksAccept Payments & Deposit Checks

Accept Payments & Deposit Checks

Quickly and easily deposit payments for your yield without making a trip to the bank. Cut back on paperwork by routing electronic ACH payments or depositing checks from your desktop.

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Make Payments & Process PayrollMake Payments & Process Payroll

Make Payments & Process Payroll

Quickly and securely process payments using wire transfers or automated bill pay, and discover other convenient ways to track your spending and maximize profits.

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Automate InvestmentsAutomate Investments

Automate Investments

Make your money work for you. When you have cash reserves at the end of a day, we have interest-bearing investment options that won't sacrifice liquidity.

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Protect & Manage AccountsProtect & Manage Accounts

Protect & Manage Accounts

At Minnwest Bank, we're here to help you build your balance — and protect it. Keep your dollars secure and manage your business's money using our helpful services. Learn more about account analysis, positive pay and security training for your employees.

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