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Youth Banking


Dad, mom, daughter and son hugging and laughing in their living room

Our commitment to young savers

Minnwest Bank is committed to empowering the next generation with healthy financial habits.  We prioritize teaching kids the importance of understanding banking basics, building savings and ensuring their financial security. From educational resources to accounts tailored for kids, Minnwest Bank is here to guide them every step of the way on their journey to financial independence.


Stay on top of spending

Set your child up for success with a checking account and debit card. As a joint account owner, parents can access their child's account to help them manage their spending. Kids can enjoy the freedom of their own debit card with no minimum daily balance or monthly service charge.


Accelerate their savings

Fees are waived on all savings accounts opened for customers until they reach age 22. This ensures that young savers can continue to grow their savings without any additional costs. Children under the age of 13 will also receive a complimentary gift when they open their first savings account.


Teach them young: tips to help your kids become money wise

It's never too early or too late to teach your children how to become masters of money. Whether they're preschoolers with a piggy bank or teenagers working part-time jobs, it's a good idea for parents to show them how money works.

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two-column-checking-for-doersStrategies for Minnesota parents to save for their child's education

When you see the headlines about what college costs today. the notion of saving up enough to cover it all can seem daunting. It's important to understand what a difference it can make if your child is not fully relying on student loans to cover the cost of tuition.

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two-column-protect-your-homeTime for an allowance? Teach your kids good financial habits

Giving your child an allowance should be more than a weekly transaction. It's a valuable, low-stakes teaching tool about the power and value of money. Use the following as a guide to establish that all-important weekly allowance for your child.

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