Schantelle Hubschman bought her first home at age 24 just a few houses down from her parents. Schantelle, a 2016 graduate of Waseca High School, opted to join the workforce soon after high school and diligently saved toward her goal of purchasing her own home. She made sacrifices to reach her goal of homeownership, including living with her parents for several years. What sets Schantelle’s homeownership journey apart is the newfound independence and opportunities it has afforded her. 

Motivation behind the move 

Her journey led her to a charming one-bedroom, one-bathroom home resonating with her vision of a cozy sanctuary and the perfect space for her. When asked about her motivations, Schantelle emphasized her aspiration to avoid the confines of apartment living, seeking a space she could customize and potentially profit from in the future. Financing her home required disciplined budgeting and prudent financial management. With the unwavering support of her parents and a diligent work ethic, Schantelle was able to secure a down payment of 20%. Woman sitting in front of her house with her malamute dog

Finding home in the familiar 

Schantelle looked at houses in Waseca and neighboring towns, but ultimately ended up only a few houses away from her parents. “It’s funny because I looked all over and this is where I found the house that I loved,” she said. She moved into her house in the spring, and shortly after, found herself adopting a dog. “Growing up, I never once lived without animals. Ironically, when I moved into my house, I wanted a clean house without any animals,” Schantelle said. “Sometimes what you grew up with is so familiar that you end up doing the same things as your parents before you even realize it,” she continued. 

Finding a friend in a knowledgeable mortgage lender 

She loves being so close to her parents and so does her dog, Koda. “My dad will come over just to hang out with Koda. He takes my dog on walks, sometimes to the Minnwest Bank branch in Waseca to say hi to everyone there,” Schantelle said.  

One of Koda’s friends at the branch is Mortgage Banker Larry Johnson. “Larry helped me with my mortgage. He was super helpful,” Schantelle said. “One thing I learned is that it’s really refreshing to work with local professionals throughout the homebuying process. Both Larry and my real estate agent knew the area super well and never made me feel bombarded,” she continued.   

Schantelle’s story serves as a testament to the power of homeownership. Schantelle looks forward to countless memories and adventures that await her and Koda in their charming abode in Waseca, MN.  

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