For many, the journey to homeownership is a milestone filled with excitement, challenges and valuable lessons learned. Meet Kayley and Brady, first-time homebuyers who recently took the leap into the realm of real estate. Kayley shares her experiences, insights and advice for those embarking on a similar path. 

Get to know first-time homebuyers Kayley and Brady 

Kayley, a native of Waseca, MN, currently works at David’s Bridal in Richfield and lives in Waterville. Last July, she and her boyfriend made the pivotal decision to purchase their first home. With roots in Waseca and family ties close by, their journey was both a personal and practical endeavor. 

Motivation behind the move 

Having spent two years in an apartment in Mankato, Kayley and her boyfriend tested the waters living together. They also lived with a few other friends to help alleviate the cost. During their time living in the Mankato apartment, they realized renting offered little in terms of long-term investing, prompting them to pursue home ownership as a means of building equity and stability. Kayley and Brady also realized they wanted a space they could make their own that allowed them to host gatherings. “Bringing family and friends together is the best feeling” Kayley said. “It’s a nourishing feeling being able to provide a safe and comfortable space to family and friends,” she continued. 

Financial planning and preparation 

Living frugally in their apartment allowed Kayley and Brady to save diligently for their down payment. This strategic approach to budgeting laid the groundwork for their successful transition from renters to homeowners. 

The importance of finding trusted mortgage and real estate support 

Building relationships with local professionals, such as real estate agents and lenders proved invaluable for Kayley throughout the homebuying process. Establishing trust and rapport with these individuals ensured a smooth and informed transition into homeownership. “We looked to our parents for guidance throughout the process, which was really helpful. We also relied on the trusted guidance of professionals, like Mortgage Banker Larry Johnson, who provided support every step of the way” Kayley said. KayleyRuedy2[1]Man and woman smiling and hugging in front of house holding a sold sign

Building for the future 

As homeowners, Kayley and Brady are not only investing in their own future, but also laying groundwork for the next generation of homeowners. Each experience serves as a lesson learned, informing their decisions and aspirations for the future. “One lesson I learned is that maintaining a home is more work than I thought it would be,” Kayley said. “Something that has lightened the load for us is divvying up household chores. For example, I take on most of the tasks inside and Brady takes on most of the maintenance outside,” Kayley continued.  

Kayley and Brady’s journey to homeownership encapsulates the blend of excitement, challenges and personal growth inherent in the process. Through thoughtful planning, perseverance and a supportive network, they have embarked on a path that promises both stability and fulfillment for years to come. 

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