Online mortgage lenders focus on speed and convenience. While that’s impressive, it’s just as important to consider whether that very lender would come through with service and value for the life of the loan. After all, a 30-year mortgage is a long relationship. It’s worth taking time to make sure it will work for you. Before you get preapproved and start house hunting, consider the value and benefits of working with a local lender like Minnwest Bank.

Competitive rates

If you compare fees and interest rates, you’ll find that community banks and credit unions offer some of the best rates anywhere. Our competitive rates and personal service provide a lending package with excellent value!

Knowledge of the Minnesota market

Not only that, but they know the local market intimately. That insight and expertise can guide you to the best loan package. If you have specific concerns or needs as you get ready for this next big step in your life, your local lender can provide insights and guidance you can’t get anywhere else.

Personal service

If you’re like most people, living life online comes naturally. But some situations will always call for a person-to-person conversation. When that happens, how easily can you reach a live person? Can you head to the bank for a face-to-face conversation? What if there’s a specific person you want to talk to? At Minnwest Bank, we’re here and happy to help. Just pick up the phone or drop by our lobby.

One bank for the life of the loan

Unlike online lenders and, to be honest, big banks, Minnwest Bank will never sell your loan to another lender. We don’t lose sight of the fact that our borrowers chose us. Keeping it that way for any loan, whether it’s auto, a line of credit or a mortgage, is the right thing to do.

Building strong community

Your house is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Not only that, but you’re setting down roots in a community. It’s only fair to ask what your prospective lender offers to your community. Choosing Minnwest keeps the dollars close to home, through the professionals we employ and new loans we approve for your neighbors and new businesses. We’re also strong believers in giving back by supporting local causes and charities. By banking local, you're playing a part in helping your community thrive.

Custom loans

Sometimes, people walk in the door with unique requests for custom loans. Bigger lenders and online lenders may try to steer toward a standard loan package anyway. Why is that? Because custom loans take more time and effort, which they see as inefficient.

Minnwest Bank brings a more flexible approach. If a doer like you has a unique concept, we figure, why stifle out-of-the-box thinking? Innovation makes our communities strong, and we want you in it. We’re willing to take the time to fully understand your needs, and apply our tools and expertise to help you meet them. Because, in the long run, this approach is best for cultivating long-term customers and thriving communities.

Convenient for you

Wherever you are, you can get stuff done: make payments, talk to a banker and check your balance. Bank by app, phone or stop by one of our many branch locations across greater Minnesota as well as the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Now that you know the benefits of banking local, learn more about our mortgage program and reach out to a mortgage banker in your community today. All applications are subject to credit approval.

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