Headshot of Carrie Stewart

Carrie Stewart

Director of Mortgage Banking

Carrie is the Director of Mortgage Banking, overseeing both the Mortgage Bankers and the Mortgage Operations teams. She has held various positions within the mortgage industry since 2012, and brings a lot of background knowledge when meeting with her clients. Carrie makes it a point to ensure her clients understand the entirety of the loan process, whether they are first time homebuyers or building their fourth home. With a broad understanding of tax returns, income analysis and pass through entities, she is able to better assist self-employed borrowers. Carrie also has her Master’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance.

Carrie is married and has a daughter, Kirsten, and a son, Logan. In her free-time she enjoys golfing, spending time on the lake, and getting together with friends and family.

Contact Carrie at carries@minnwestbankgroup.com or 507-413-2340.