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Put your excess cash to work. Whether you have reserves at the end of a day, a quarter or a fiscal year, these investment options can help you earn interest as you manage your cash.

  • Available to business customers with an open credit line with Minnwest Bank
  • Keep your money working for you, automatically
  • Receive benefits where you need them the most:
    • Designate a target checking balance
    • Excess funds are automatically swept into line of credit account to pay down balance
    • Funds are swept back over to your checking should you fall short of your balance
  • Perfect for companies with multiple divisions, stores or operating units
  • More than one ZBA can be linked to the primary account
  • Multiple account balances are concentrated into one centralized account
    • Funds are disbursed to individual ZBA accounts only when necessary to cover checks or debits
    • Concentrate funds, eliminating idle balances and simplifying account management
    • Maintain required balances for disbursements while maximizing excess balances
    • Transactions flow through separate accounts for audit purposes while balances are consolidated for funding
    • Eliminate the need for manual transfers between bank accounts
    • Separate statements for each account

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service® (CDARS)

  • Greater security; multi-million dollar FDIC insurance coverage
  • Convenience; everything is managed internally by Minnwest Bank:
    • One regular statement
    • One year-end tax form
  • Flexible maturity periods available
  • Helps support lending opportunities within your local community

Insured Cash Sweep® (ICS)

  • Enjoy increased coverage while also benefiting from increased access to funds and higher returns than other savings options
  • Greater security; multi-million dollar FDIC insurance coverage
  • Convenience; everything is managed internally by Minnwest Bank:
    • One regular statement
    • One year-end tax form
  • Less administrative burden than other collateralized deposits and repo sweep options
  • Full FDIC coverage on amounts up to $50 million

Placement of your funds through the ICS or CDARS service is subject to the terms, conditions, and disclosures set forth in the agreements, including the applicable Deposit Placement Agreement, you enter with us. Limits apply and customer eligibility criteria may apply. These agreements contain important information and conditions regarding the placement of funds by us.

CDARS and Insured Cash Sweep are registered service marks, and ICS is a service mark, of Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC.