Doers like you turn dreams into reality, and Minnwest Bank can help with a loan or line of credit.


Personal Loan & Line of Credit

Make major purchases using a Minnwest loan, and pay it off with predictable monthly payments. Or access available funds any time for anything, and pay interest only on the funds you use. Learn how Minnwest checking account customers can get reduced interest rates with automatic payments.

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Auto Loans

A shiny, new car or a rugged, reliable truck — finance the vehicle you want or need with the help of your local lenders at Minnwest Bank. Our auto loans feature competitive rates, plus local decision making. So you'll get an answer back fast and be on the open road in no time.

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Home Mortgage Loans

Consult with our experienced lenders who can help you prequalify for your purchase or explore refinancing options. At Minnwest Bank, we offer a variety of finance options, whether you are buying your first home, building your dream home or wanting to refinance.

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Minnesota Housing Loans

Prequalify for a mortgage or refinancing then work with Minnwest lenders to see if you qualify for benefits through the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency. Visit the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency online to learn more.

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Home Equity Loan & Line of Credit

Take advantage of the equity in your home to cover large, one-time expenses such as a car, college, wedding, debt consolidation or unexpected expenses with a reliable home equity loan or line of credit.

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All loans subject to our standard credit qualifications.


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