Business Convenient Services Business Debit/ATM Card

Make company purchases and withdraw funds easily — whether you are near your office or traveling to a business meeting anywhere else in the world.

  • Access to tens of thousands of surcharge-free MoneyPass ATM's nationwide*
  • Use instead of a check wherever Mastercard® is accepted
  • Requesting cash back when you make a purchase using your PIN number
  • Find a MoneyPass ATM
  • Find a Minnwest Bank location
Mastercard® Identity Theft Services

Help safeguard your personal information online with this FREE benefit available to Mastercard cardholders.

Identity Theft Resolution Services

Your Minnwest Mastercard now has an added benefit. This Identity Theft Resolution Service can provide you with a uniform Identity Theft Affidavit and 24/7 access to certified resolution specialists to assist with completion of the Affidavit. This completed Affidavit can then be submitted to the proper authorities, credit bureaus and creditors. These certified resolution specialists can:

  • Assist in notifying all three major credit reporting agencies to place an alert on your credit report if needed and/or desired
  • Assist in obtaining a copy of your credit report from the three major credit reporting agencies
  • Assist with debit, credit and/or charge card replacement
  • Educate on how Identity Theft can occur and the protective measures to avoid further occurrences
  • Provide an Identity Theft Resolution Kit including sample letters for use in canceling checks, ATM cards and other accounts

Signing up is easy

Simply visit and enter the first 6 digits of your Minnwest Bank Mastercard to get started.

To be eligible for this coverage, you must be a valid Mastercard cardholder issued by Minnwest Bank. Simply contact 1-800-MASTERCARD if you believe you have been a victim of Identity Theft, or visit:

Mastercard Identity Theft Alerts

Mastercard Identity Theft Alerts track thousands of websites and millions of data points, to alert you if your personal information is detected in a compromised position online.

Zero Liability

Protection against “unauthorized transactions” on your Minnwest Bank Mastercard. Zero Liability coverage applies to purchases made in-store, over the telephone, online or via a mobile device. You will not be held responsible for unauthorized transactions if:

  • You have used reasonable care in protecting your card from loss or theft; and
  • You have promptly reported to Minnwest Bank when you knew your card was lost or stolen 
Online Shopping Protection with Mastercard® SecureCode™

Mastercard SecureCode is a simple and secure way to pay at thousands of online stores. Cardholders will need to activate the FREE protection service by creating their very own SecureCode password. Mastercard SecureCode helps guard against unauthorized use of the debit card on the Internet. SecureCode verifies the cardholder's identity when the shopper makes purchases at participating online merchants. To register your Mastercard ATM/Debit Card click the link below.

Register for Mastercard SecureCode.

*Overdraft and Returned item fees may apply. Bank fees (service charge, overdraft charge(s), return deposit item or stop payment) may cause additional fees to your account.