Minnwest Bank

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

A zero balance account is a business checking account that is maintained at 'zero balance' but is automatically linked to a master operating account. Multiple ZBA's can be designated for specific purposes such as payroll, taxes, vendor payments, operating divisions, etc ...that when linked to a master account eliminates the need to manually initiate internal account transfers and minimize idle balances.

How Does It Work?


Automatic Transfers from a Master Account

You establish a master operating or funding account that is linked to one or more Zero Balance Accounts designated for specific disbursement functions. Throughout each day, deposits and checks written are accumulated for each ZBA. At the end of the business day, funds from the master account are automatically transferred to cover checks written on each ZBA. Likewise, if daily activity results in a net balance in any ZBA, the amount is transferred to the master account.

Benefits & Features

  • Consolidate your balances into one account with same day automatic funding provided by Minnwest.
  • Simplify managing multiple accounts and eliminate manual transfers between accounts.
  • Minimize the risk of overdraft charges.
  • Maximize interest savings or investment income while minimizing idle funds.
  • Tailored solutions can be incorporated with Loan and Investment Sweep Services.

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