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Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit Capture gives you ease and flexibility to make your deposits electronically from any of your business locations without leaving your office. If your business has multiple locations, makes deposits after normal business hours or pays expensive courier fees to deliver deposits to the bank, Remote Deposit Capture may be the ideal solution for you

How Does It Work?

Fast and Easy to Use

Utilizing a desktop scanner connected to your computer and the Internet, you can scan checks received from your customers and send deposits electronically to Minnwest Bank.

Remote Deposit Capture automatically reads the dollar amounts of each check to eliminate manual keying. The program scans for duplicate items and alerts you if your deposit amount is not equal to the total amount of the checks scanned. You will have the ability to reconcile and make necessary changes immediately before submission to Minnwest Bank.

Your funds will be posted the same day if your deposit is submitted to Minnwest Bank before 4 p.m. CST.

Is It Right for My Business

Save Time with Remote Deposit Capture

If your business is not located near a Minnwest Bank location, or if getting to the bank to make deposits is difficult for you or your staff, then Remote Deposit Capture may be an option for you. With Remote Deposit Capture, you can also make multiple deposits throughout the day, or make deposits from multiple locations while maintaining a centralized bookkeeping system.

Remote Deposit is easy to set up   

What you will need

  1. A PC with an open USB 2.0 port and a version of Vista® or Windows® 7 and Internet Explorer® 7 or newer.
  2. A properly installed desktop check scanner.
  3. An Internet connection.
  4. An account with Minnwest Bank.


Remote Deposit  

Benefits & Features

  • Gain Quick Access to Funds

             Once you submit your deposit through Remote Deposit Capture, your funds will be posted the same day.

  • Save Time & Reduce Errors

             Our scanners recognize dollar amounts and automatically check for duplicate items, reducing bookkeeping errors.

  • Save Money

              Reduce courier fees and human resource expenses by eliminating multiple trips to the bank.

  • Enjoy Flexibility

             Make deposits 24/7, even on bank holidays.

  • Go Green

             Reduce paper by managing check images and creating reports electronically. Ask about combining this service with our environmentally friendly Business Online Banking service.

Talk to a Minnwest representative today. We'll have you set up in no time with this easy-to-use, convenient and secure Remote Deposit system.

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Remote Deposit Terms of Use 

Credit qualifications apply.  Fees may apply