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Positive Pay

Positive Pay is an effective treasury management tool to assist in the prevention of check fraud. Managed electronically through our secure Business Online Banking service, you are protected daily against losses due to fraudulent check payments and the cashing of unauthorized checks that are presented over the counter.

How Does It Work?

Business Online Banking Makes it Easy

Using our Business Online Banking service, you send an electronic file to the bank that contains all checks that you have issued. When checks are presented to your account for processing, they are compared to the issued files on record at the bank. If an item does not match your issued files, they are considered an exception. Daily, you log into your business online to review exception items and make a decision to pay or return the item. If a decision is not made by 11:00 a.m. CST, the bank will return all exception items

Is It Right For My Business

Controlling Fraudulent Activity

Any business that issues a high volume of checks or is concerned about fraudulent activity can benefit from the added value of knowing that only approved checks will be presented to their accounts.

Benefits & Features

  • Save Time & Money

Save time and money by identifying fraudulent items before they are paid. The suspicious items will automatically be rejected unless you approve them.

  • Reduce Costs

No need to invest in additional software. .you can access the service through Business Online Banking.

  • Enjoy Additional Control

View images of suspicious checks before making a decision to pay or return.

  • Access Reports Daily

Exception reports are available on a daily basis through our secure website.

  • Go Green

Reduce paper by managing check images and creating reports electronically. 

Product Information Sheet for Printing

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