Minnwest Bank

Minnwest Business MasterCard ATM/Debit Card

Minnwest knows business and has the tools to help your business. The MasterCard ATM/Debit Card* does a lot of heavy lifting in your business. Use it as an ATM card at thousands of surcharge free MoneyPass ATMs or instead of a check wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Why Apply?

Safer Than Cash

The Minnwest Business MasterCard ATM/Debit Card gives you peace of mind because there's no need to keep excess petty cash available for purchases. Not only can you designate trusted authorized signers for your debit card, but you can also set daily limits on purchase and cash withdrawals to protect your account.

Faster Than Checks

Purchases are faster because there's no need to write a check, show identification or wait for check approvals. And, you can get authorization for immediate shipment of any mail, phone or online orders using your debit card. Purchases are automatically deducted from your Minnwest business checking account. 

Surcharge-Free ATMs Available Coast-to-Coast

Wherever you go on business, whether local or nationwide, you'll be able to get cash when you need it. Enjoy over 15,000 surcharge-free ATMs on the MoneyPass network. They're located at banks, restaurants, convenience stores and more.

Increase Your Money Management Capabilities

Each month, you'll receive a detailed monthly bank statement for easy account reconciliation, expense reporting and identification of tax deductions. Plus, you'll receive a receipt with every purchase to help with immediate tracking.


Benefits & Features

  • Eliminate the need to keep excess petty cash available.
  • Set daily withdrawal and purchase
  • Limits to protect your account.
  • Designate trusted authorized signers for a debit card.
  • Place orders online or by telephone with your Minnwest Business Debit Card. The funds will be automatically deducted from your checking account.
  • Enjoy free transactions at over 15,000 locations nationwide with the MoneyPass network.
  • Receive a detailed monthly statement for easy record keeping. Go green by signing up for eco-friendly Online Statements!


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