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Leasing Benefits through Minnwest Capital Corporation

Eighty percent of American companies and individuals use equipment leasing when acquiring equipment.  Build your business by leasing farm, computer, construction, electrical and manufacturing equipment through our subsidiary, Minnwest Capital Corporation.  Leasing conserves your operating capital, can create tax advantages and provides flexibility.

Minnwest Capital provides lease financing from $10,000 to over $1 million. Assets can be financed in terms of two to seven years.  We can also provide various billing strategies, as well as discounting and documentation structures.

Why consider leasing?

  • Conserves your operating capital because bank credit lines are unused
  • Long-term equipment leasing are financed with low to zero down payment requirements
  • Cost-effective way to acquire equipment you need to stay competitive and profitable.  When leasing, it's the use of equipment, not the ownership of it that creates profits.
  • Enjoy a tax advantage by deducting lease payments as a business expense rather than deal with depreciation and Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) - Consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility.
  • Eliminates the risk of owning expensive equipment

Some of the leased equipment we've financed:

  • Construction equipment
  • Data processing equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • General office furniture and equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Over-the-road tractors, trailers & trucks
  • Printing equipment

Let Minnwest Capital finance your next equipment lease.