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Certificate of Deposit:

Classic CD

Money Manager CD

Overview Our traditional CD features a low minimum deposit with a variety of terms This premium CD combines competitive rates with the flexibility of access to your money
Terms  1 to 60 months  12 to 60 months
Minimum Deposit  $500 deposit  $5,000 deposit
Interest Compounding  Annually Annually 
Interest Payment Available by automatic deposit or check Available by automatic deposit or check
Special Features    • Change the Rate
   Change the rate one time
   during the term of the CD
Add to the CD
   Add up to 50% of the 
   original CD amount
   anytime during the first 
   6months ($1,000 minimum)
Withdraw from the CD 
   After 7 days of opening, you can withdraw up to 50% of the original amount one time during the first six months without penalty.

There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal from certificates of deposit.