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Loan Solutions With the Understanding of A Small Town Bank, but the Lending Ability of a Larger Institution

Minnwest has a generous lending limit, so you can achieve your dreams! While we have that great community spirit in all of our branch offices. . . where a handshake means we're glad to see you, we do have the lending strength of a much larger institution. Because of the unique situation of Minnwest Bank's charters, each office is able to operate independently. But when it comes to lending, we have the combined strength of all those offices!

Local Decisions! Fast Action!

We understand how important your loan request is to you. And, it's important to us as well. We believe in each of our communities and their business enterprises, so much so, that we hold our loan reviews in our community banks. Your loan request is not shunted off to some centralized bank or out-sourced to another office in a different part of the country. . . where the people don't know you, understand your business or even understand your community. That just isn't part of Minnwest's business culture!

Our local committees meet two to three times a week! Yes, that's right. We don't meet monthly or even weekly.  We know that your business can't be put on hold while a group of bankers decides your fate. We understand that decisions need to be made. And, we're here to make them. You'll receive an answer to your loan request in five business days after receipt of your required information.

An SBA Preferred Lender!

Minnwest Bank has the distinction of being an SBA Preferred Lender.  As an SBA Preferred Lender, Minnwest is authorized by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to make lending decisions on their behalf.  This means that Minnwest Bank can streamline the entire SBA loan process for you. 

Why consider an SBA loan?  While the lender provides the actual loan to the borrower, the SBA guarantees a portion of the loan (between 50-90% depending on the program), acting much like a co-signer. This helps lenders be more comfortable with a loan that they might otherwise not approve, such as a loan for a start-up, or a borrower that has a smaller down payment or less collateral than a bank requires.

Let us put your loan request on our agenda!

Our full range of loan solutions includes:

  • Operating line of credit
  • Term loans for
    • Working capital
    • Business expansion
    • Real estate purchases
    • Equipment financing
  • SBA loans from an SBA Preferred Lender    
  • Participating facilitator of financing programs through local & regional development agencies
  • USDA business & industry loans
  • Leasing
  • Letters of Credit
  • Accounts receivable financing
  • Tax credit financing
  • Credit cards
    • VISA® Business Card
      No annual fee with one purchase per year 
  • Merchant credit card program available
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