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Health Savings Account (HSA)

Whether you're a sole proprietor with no employees or a corporate entity offering healthcare benefits to workers, you'll want to consider the advantages of a Health Savings Account.  HSAs are definitely growing in popularity.  Due to an IRS requirement, you'll need to have a qualified High Deductible Health Plan in place before you can take advantage of this account. 

For the Individual Business Owner
(with no employee healthcare needs): 

HSAs are a good way to take control of your own individual healthcare spending. Its tax saving features makes it an attractive choice.

  • Contributions into the account are tax-deductible provided you follow IRS guidelines*
  • Interest earned on an HSA is tax-free
  • Withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are tax-exempt
  • Unlike some other healthcare accounts, you'll never lose your funds if you don't use them. 
  • With an HSA, your funds are rolled over and kept in your account from year to year.
  • Portability allows you to keep your funds even if you change health plans.  The account belongs to you.
  • Tiered interest rates earn you higher rates for higher balances. As your balance grows, you'll earn more money on your HSA. 
  • Easy access to your funds by MasterCard ATM/Debit Card**, electronic transfer or in-bank withdrawals
  • Check with a Minnwest representative who can update you on the current federal limits of annual contributions to an HSA
  • $100 to open account with automatic deposit available

*Consult your tax advisor or insurance provider regarding health plan eligibility and tax advice.

**qualifications apply

For the Business who offers Healthcare Benefits to Employees:

We've been told by business owners like you and their employees that Minnwest's HSA is one of the best around!  If you are offering a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), you must consider Minnwest's HSA. 

  • Reduce your healthcare spending because
    • HDHP may offer reduced premiums for your business
    • You share the cost of healthcare with your employees in a plan that benefits you and them . . . a combination HDHP and Minnwest HSA
  • Puts healthcare spending funds into your employees' hands
  • Lets employee decide how to spend the funds on qualified healthcare expenses
  • Minimal employer administration of HSA since employee handles their own HSA 
  • Enhances your benefits package by offering employees portability, flexibility and even tax savings with HSAs
  • You can allow employees to fully fund their HSAs or you can choose to make an employer contribution to it
  • Potential tax savings on your Social Security and Medicare taxes by offering pretax payroll HSA deduction for employees**
  • Ask a Minnwest business banker for all the details

**Depends on business structure. Employers should consult with tax advisor regarding their situation.