Minnwest Bank

Account Analysis

An account analysis statement provides you information in addition to your monthly bank statement for clients who utilize our Commercial Business Checking account. The account analysis will summarize your average balances maintained for the month as well as the transactional services and Treasury Management Services used on a monthly basis. The Account Analysis gives you information to help you better understand your overall activity and services used through Minnwest.

How Does It Work?

Calculate Your Earnings Credit

Each month, the bank determines the average ledger and collected balance maintained in your account based on deposit and withdrawal activity over the month. Based on the average daily collected balance maintained, the bank will determine an earnings credit that can be used to reduce or completely offset other account activity charges incurred for the period. The service charges are summarized and any earnings credits are applied to reduce the net cost of services for the month. Account Analysis information can be combined to recognize the balances and activity for multiple accounts.

Is It Right For My Business

Detailed Analysis to Monitor Activity

If your business qualifies for our Commercial Checking account and you're interested in better understanding your balances and detailed bank service charges, Account Analysis may be right for your business.

With Account Analysis, you can:

  • Combine the activities of multiple accounts.
  • Monitor balances and account activity changes over time.
  • Choose the frequency with which your service charges are assessed.


Product Information Sheet for Printing